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Non-Declaw Addendum

In addition to the requirements and terms agreed to by the adopter in the Standard Adoption Agreement, I hereby additionally agree that I will not ever declaw, or allow the declawing of, the cat now trusted to my ownership listed above.

I understand that this is a painful and unnecessary mutilation of the cat that could result in chronic paw and back pain, infection, inability to walk properly, and other physical ailments, inability to protect itself, as well as psychological problems that could result in the cat exhibiting behavior such as urinating outside the box, biting, fearfulness, anti-sociability, and aggressiveness.

I agree that Black Cat Society, and/or its designated animal welfare partners, reserve the right to a home visit at my residence to verify the well-being of this cat at a mutually agreeable time and date, within seven days of initial request of such visit.

If this visit, or any other means of acquiring the information [including follow-up with veterinarians] confirm a breach of the terms of this agreement, ownership of the cat will immediately revert to Black Cat Society, and Black Cat Society reserves the right to collect from adopter any cost required to provide necessary medical treatment and re-homing, as well as all attorney fees and court costs that are incurred in enforcing this agreement. 

Contract Submitted

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